I want to know what you think!  Part of this project is to gather realistic public opinion.  I’m learning to code because I’m motivated and interested, but that’s just me! There are certainly others out there, but if all of the sudden someone told all American teachers they had to learn to code, it would be a disaster.  Meaningful learning needs to come from interest, and meaningful change most often comes from the bottom up rather than the top-down.  I’m interested in figuring out what it takes for me to learn how to code something, and also learning about other people’s motivations, passions, fears, and goals around coding.  Hopefully we can start a meaningful dialogue. Please send me your thoughts to consider…any and all perspectives welcome!

Possible questions to respond to:

  • Are you a Teacher?  Parent?  Work in the Tech Industry?  Something else?  Tell me about yourself!
  • How much do you currently know about coding?
  • Are you interested in or horrified by the idea of all children learning to code?  (or somewhere in between?) What about the idea of you yourself learning to code?
  • If you are a teacher, do you currently feel like you could support or teach coding in your classroom?
  • Where do you think coding falls on a spectrum between Mathematics and Language/Literacy?



You can also email me directly with thoughts, questions, comments, rants, etc.:

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