5 thoughts on “From Papert to Why the Lucky Stiff: What’s Out There Today for Young Programmers?

  1. I am going to reblog this on my site. You have done a good job on this thorny subject. One reason for the lack of interest is, as you said, FEAR. The people who “decide” what is taught in school have no idea about what goes on inside a computer. Maybe that is why it is now referred to as “Technology”, a most inappropriate name, and conjuring up visions of engineers, who of course are not “academic” enough for schools.

    BRING BACK LOGO ! should be our slogan, although some will think we can’t spell LEGO.

    ps. I still cannot get RUBY to work on my machine. I downloaded the RUBY193 or whatever it is called, and the blank black screen will not respond to anything. Help !!!!!


    • Thanks! That’s awesome, I really appreciate all your support for my little project, it means a lot to me!

      I’m on board for that slogan…A thought that is swirling around in my head, but haven’t even begun to really process yet is the benefit of text-based tutorials (like Logo and Hackety Hack) v. graphic-based tutorials (like Scratch). I get why they are moving in that direction, but I’m curious about data on effectiveness for young children. I’ve learned from you and others that programming is completely conceptual, and the language you put to your ideas is such a small part. Do the graphics-based tutorials teach the concepts better than, for example, doing a puzzle or playing a board game? I haven’t played with scratch enough yet to form a real opinion, but thinking about it. Anyway, that’s just what’s swirling around my crazy brain.

      I will find out more about your Ruby problem. I am spoiled by inheriting a computer from a programmer, with everything I need already installed.


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