5 thoughts on “Programming 101 or Programming ADD?

  1. Find an example program that something reasonably interesting and start to modify it using what you have read about. You have to do this. There is no other way. The only way to learn programming is to do it. You will find that you will get syntax errors, these are incorrect ways of writing the code, and when something at least starts to work and then dies you have run-time errors. These are more difficult to deal with.
    Have you done a “Hello World” program? make it say something different. Make it say it twice, three times, as many times as you like. Figure out how to enter numbers into the program while it is running, but above all stop reading, for a while at least !


  2. It certainly matches my experience that the particular programming language isn’t very important. I think that programming is a matter of looking at problems in a particular way, and while you need a language to write in, that’s kind of independent of what you write in.

    (Granted, some languages make particular problems unusually easy or hard: you’d have to be daft to write an ordinary differential equations solver in Logo rather than Fortran, and crazy to write a script that processes a big block of database entries in Pilot rather than PHP, but that’s why I say ‘kind of’ independent.)


    • That’s good to know! I think I’m starting to understand a tiny bit about the “particular ways of looking at problems”, as I’ve gotten far enough in the tutorials to be asked to solve some problems. I can do it…slowly…but not well enough to be able to analyze the ways I’m thinking. It’s an interesting place for me to be!


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